Friday, July 29, 2005

So many projects so little time...

or something like that.

I enjoyed knitting my tivoli. I have the yarn to make another, with a narrower neck and maybe a little more bust room. But Miss K wanted me to knit her a top. I found some nice pink Cotton-ease and using "Knitting from the top" by Barbara Walker I have cast on my child sized ballet necked top for her. I shall soon have a picture to post as a child size 4 is much faster to knit that a sweater for a pudgy middle aged woman.

At the moment on needles I have an afgan for my sister in law and her husband for Christmas...we'll see if it's Christmas of this year. The first sock of a pair for myself. A hat for the hospital and this little top for Miss K. I am fighting the urge to cast on another project.......(I really should finish Miss K's quilt....but that's another subject)

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AJ said... this your new home now?

You look cute in your "project"!