Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sometimes, I long for the "olden days"

This year is drawing to a close and I realize that around Christmas we all start looking to the new year, what will our resolutions be?  But a conversation I had with my mother about her new cell phone, her "android" as she calls it made me think backwards, sort of.  Mom was complaining about how long it takes her to make a phone call on her new "droid" and that every time she goes to use it the battery is dead, "the battery lasts no time at all, I just don't understand it".  I can remember when we got our first cell phone and how foreign it felt.  I was pregnant with my 3rd son, I'd lost four pregnancies at this point so my pregnancy with him was high risk.  My husband was working about an hour from home and wanted/needed for me to be able to get in touch with him if I had any problems this time, so we got this cell phone.  I remember it was a flip phone and I will admit that it was handy if I needed to get in touch with him, or him with me.  It made phone calls, it accepted phone calls and that was the extent of it.  We took it on vacation with us when we would take the two day drive from our house to California "in case something happened".  My mother would be upset because she would try to call several times while we were traveling and we'd never answer.  The phone at this point was still just a glorified wireless phone, when we traveled it was turned off and thrown into the glove box as a "just in case" sort of thing.

Flash forward 18 nearly 19 years.  Our phones seem to rule our lives.  We can surf the internet, call, text, listen to music...the dang thing does nearly everything except the windows.  We. are. never. out. of. reach.  I'm trying to explain to my elderly mother that her new cell phone is for all intents and purposes a computer.  We're three states away from each other and she refuses to go into the cell phone store and ask for help.  She's hard of hearing and I just want her to learn to use the damn thing so that she can text since she refuses to write a letter....doesn't matter what type, email or paper, the woman won't write.  I don't know why I think she'll text.  I do know that she hates when I don't carry my phone with me.  My kids hate it too, when they'll text or try to call me when I'm at work and my phone is turned to silent, or I ignore it until I have a break.

I miss 1985.  I really do.  I never thought I would.  I remember searching for a working pay phone and digging around for change so that I could use the phone.  I was 23 years old, but my mother still ruled my life with an iron hand (you get off at work at 10:30pm?  I'll call your apartment at 11:00 sharp, if you don't answer, then I'll call your friends and their parents until I find you....and yes my mother did this and yes I'm still apologizing all these years later for my mother's insane phone calls tracking down her grown daughter).  I kind of wish I'd had a cell phone then. But now I relish the idea that I'm "off grid" for a while.  I don't always have my cell phone on me.  Rarely is the volume so that I can hear it.  Sometimes I feel I just need to slow down and pretend it's 1978...well maybe not 1978 because we shared the phone line with our neighbor, which was a whole different sort of fun when you're a teenager...maybe we'll pretend it's 1980.  We have our own phone line, a letter is something you stick a stamp on and send through the mail.  You have to be patient, life isn't just a click away....  Maybe that's not so bad.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

I have not fallen off the earth, nor have I forgotten how to knit.

Blogs.  Keeping track of knitting projects on knitting blogs. 

Life gets busy and pretty soon a year (or more) goes by and you realize that you've not sat at the computer and thrown words into cyberspace for strangers to read (since I seriously doubt that anyone reads my posts except me....and even I don't get here often).

The daughter is having surgery in a couple of weeks.  A big surgery.  To correct her back.  I'm scared, but trying to show a brave face when we talk about the upcoming hospital stay and how life is going to change (she will grow about an inch- inch and a half during the surgery).  I am knitting her a sweater.  I've finished one for her, but this one I found after I'd started the other one.  This sweater has a little keyhole cutout in the back and will hopefully give a peek of her scar.  I've worked with her that we will not hide and try to cover up this scar.  We will celebrate it and find beauty in it.  I don't want her to be afraid for people to see it.

But we're not there yet.  We have 15 days and some number of hours until the surgery.  But we're planning and looking forward to being healed and moving on.

Here's the beginnings of her sweater Myrna: 

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Wow, I've not been here for a while!  Since I last posted Colorado had a, not the one we're enduring now....Waldo Canyon fire.  From where I live I only saw the fire on the television news like everyone else, but...I experienced as well as I was on pre-evacuation orders for a week or two (I don't remember how long because each day felt like it was a month long).  Because I live up against the mountain I couldn't see the flames of the Waldo Canyon, but we got all of the smoke, which was terrifying because you felt like the fire was next to you.  Several friends lost houses in that fire.

Flash forward to a year after Waldo Canyon and I'm puttering around my house and I look out toward town and see a plume of smoke.  I'm looking for smoke from a fire on the Air Force Academy, not for smoke originating in the Black Forest. It is about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, I'm thinking about taking my dog to the vet and what errands do I run.  I tell the kids "ohhhh, look at that, that can't be good"...I look online, the fire has been called in it's still small started over on Shoup and hwy83.  I take the dog to the vet, the fire has spread enough that a woman waiting with her cats starts to fret, the vet techs are talking about it.  I go home and look out to the west...and it's  In the evening I find out that some friends who'd lost their home last year in Waldo Canyon and have been staying with their parents have been burnt out again.  A yarn shop that I frequent is on Shoup...we all feared that the shop has been burnt along with some other historic buildings in the area.  Information is flying all around as is misinformation.  As I type this 473 homes have been destroyed.  I, undoubtedly, have many friends who are now homeless...I know I have many who are evacuated.

This has been a knitting blog, so I will turn this around to knitting....Table Rock Llama's Fiber Arts, on Shoup Road is still there.  I know that they feel guilty that the shop is there when oh so many people have lost everything.  I hope they know how important it is that they are still there.  It's not about the yarn, fiber or needles.  It is that their doors will open up and everyone will be able to step into the shop and there will be a little piece of "normal".  Perhaps you don't knit, spin, dye...but you step in, maybe you go out to the big table in the studio and just sit.  Talk to the ladies in the shop, talk to the people who come in.  We are community.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy socks

I have been out of the United States once...well, except for a week or so in Hawaii, I've been off of the continent once...last year....when I spent a week with my friend and her family in England. This year, before my friend moves back here, I get to go and visit her again.

While visiting my friend I bought two skeins of Noro sock yarn (I know, I know....I, an American, bought Japanese yarn, in England....but I also bought yarn that was manufactured in the UK as well). I'd never knit with Noro before and, truthfully, I find the skeins to be rather itchy and scratchy and wasn't so sure that I'd want to make socks from them for fear that the socks would be...well....itchy and scratchy. My girlfriend assured me that Noro makes lovely socks and I've read many a review that says the same thing. So I cast on. At first I thought "hmmm, I'm not sure that this is quite my cup of tea. Oh well, I only have two skeins". But as I knit on and (I'm not a stripe kinda girl) the stripes are forming, I'm finding this to be a "happy sock". There is just something I find happy about both the colors and the I'm harking back to my hippie (such that they are) roots. I am looking forward to a long happy relationship with Noro. (and I may even buy some when I go back to the UK)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Eve!

On my fb page this past year I kept track of all of my knitting projects. I should have done that on my ravelry profile, but I'm slower there to input projects....but whatever (as my kids say).

My last project was a plain vanilla pair of socks, in anything but a plain vanilla color. While visiting my friend in England I was admiring this yarn in a shop and she mentioned that she really likes the zauberball yarn. I'd never knit with it, but have seen it in many shops. I liked this green color and decided to give it a shot. Looking at the yarn I couldn't decide if I wanted to knit it up with a fancy pattern, or just a quick plain sock to let the yarn shine, so to speak. I decided to let the yarn shine, and I'm glad that I did. The plain Jane is a quick knit, no pattern to worry about, no fuss for holiday visiting while knitting, just knit happily away. I am happy with the end result and think they will be a favorite in my wardrobe (of odd clothes and socks). In keeping with my plan to track everything I knit this year, I finished them up this morning....a mere 16 hours before we ring in the new year.

Here is a list of my year in knitting:
11 fish hats
1 pair slippers
1 brooch
3 cowls
2 felted bags
1 felted kindle case
5 shawls
1 doll shawl
2 scarves
1 baby hat
1 baby sweater
1 beret
5 1/2 pairs socks (I ripped out that 1/2 of a pair)
2 vests (one child sized one grown up sized)
1 doll sweater
and about 1/2 of a sweater for myself

Happy New Year. May 2012 bring wonderful things.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not so much holiday knitting

I'm not a toe up sock person. I've knit a couple of pair and find the fit to be odd. I've done an afterthought heel and a short row heel and this pair has a gusset heel. I do think that the fit is better with a gusset, but we'll see. Perhaps my thoughts are colored by the fact that I knit my socks from the top down.

Holiday knitting has pretty much come to an end around here. Of course with Christmas staring me in the face about the only thing I'd be able to finish in the next couple of days would be a book mark...and only if it were a small bookmark. We've had snow days around here and some delayed starts to the school days. I have had my girl child at home with me the past couple of days, which really throws a wrench into things. She loves to stand next to me coughing and hacking and asking if she can help. Only from afar.

Happy Holidays to whoever may see this post. Enjoy!!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Those odd skeins

One of the LYS's I visit on occasion has an "orphan" basket of odd skeins near the check out. These are usually discounted 15 or 20%. Often, being a lys and all, these are very nice skeins that just happen to not have enough yardage to pull off a very big project. Often these are skeins that do not have enough yardage to be featured in a "One Skein Project" book. You just don't see a whole lot of patterns dedicated to that odd 50 gram 195 yard skein of sock yarn. Faced with a couple of these "50 gram not enough yardage for more than one sock" beauties I decided that I would find something to knit with them. Something useful, something to throw into the one small skein pattern pool, which is how I came up with my "Dainty Chevron Cowl", which I do plan to figure out how to publish as a pdf instead of how it is here as a blog post.

So I dug through the orphaned skeins and found a lovely skein of some Mochi stuff. I'd never knit with it but a friend loves the stuff and soon will have a lovely cowl of my own (since I wrote up the pattern and have knit several of the cowls I thought it might be nice to have one of my own).

My limited Christmas knitting is done. I don't knit a lot of gifts. I find that knitting gifts is a complicated thing. If people don't knit they may not appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into the project. Then there are those who think that the whole home made gift thing is a way of being "cheap" (quite the opposite actually). My very own mother will say "but why would I knit you something? You knit beautifully and can knit anything that you'd like" (but I can't knit the hand knit gift from you, my most precious knitted items are not the ones that I've knitted for myself, but the ones that are gifted to me). If anyone besides myself reads this post, you and I both know that hand made gifts are lovely (and perhaps I've just been lucky, but I've appreciated every hand made gift I've received).

Happy Friday blogland. I didn't think I'd enjoy having my work day rescheduled today, but it's been nice to slow down a bit....even if I should be doing the holiday craziness!