Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2011 or is it still 2010?

Here we are at the end of 2010. As my New Year's "resolution" was to keep track of everything I knit in the New Year I thought perhaps I'd get a jump on things. I do have a cowl nearly finished on the needles, but I had knit this hat for one of my son's friends birthdays. As I neared getting it finished my son deemed it "too girly" for either of his two friends I have committed to knitting hats for. The daughter had been begging me for a mosaic knit fish hat since I had knit one to donate to their school's senior luncheon, and she'd been watching me knit this hat and wanted the same mosaic pattern/colors/etc. So now the hat is hers. And this wraps up my knitting adventure for 2010 (no, I don't remember all of my projects from 2010, I probably should......but I don't).

So here jumpstarts my projects for 2011. We'll call it "Mosaic Fish hat for girl child". Happy New Year to whoever may stop by here. May your 2011 be full of good health, happiness and wonderful things.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Merry Happy Happy and other thoughts

Every year around this time it's always the same, or at least it is at my house, I don't know about yours. I run around like crazy muttering things to myself like "next year more organized", "didn't I swear last year that I'd be more organized?", "never again" and "What was I thinking when I said I'd bakeknitvolunteerdecorate for namethatobligation". This year as I look at the pair of socks that I was planning on knitting my sister and at this point one week before Christmas I have one sock 3/4 done (with a mistake in it which will have me doing sock #2 as a mirror image). The only way her Christmas present will be done before Christmas is if there is a horrible accident while she's on vacation (she's coming home the day before Christmas) and she loses one leg....and even then without magic the socks would not make it to her door because there's no way I have time to have them done and in the mail by day after tomorrow.

Yep, Merry Merry Happy Happy stress free holidays. Lucky for me my sister is my sister and suffers from a great many of the same afflictions I do, so we all know that Christmas happens in December....or January....or February...shoot, she and I give each other until Easter. Same with birthdays we can drag those on forever.

So I sit here contemplating the holidays and the making of New Year's resolutions (which for the most part I don't do, because really what is the point?). But even tho I don't make New Years resolutions I was thinking that perhaps this year I could get off my butt and chronicle all of my knitting projects throughout the year. I often take a picture here and/or there of my knitting, but a great deal of it flies under the radar. On the needles, off the needles and to the recipient with nary a picture to show that I ever touched it. Perhaps this year I'll keep track here and on Ravelry the things that reside on my needles. I remember a few years ago I counted the number of pairs of socks that I knitted during the year. (I haven't looked back to see, but I think it was something like 13 pairs)

So there you have it. If I remember in a couple of weeks that will be my New Years Resolution.....what better resolution could there be than to knit?

Sunday, December 05, 2010

I am so woefully behind on blogging/journaling or whatever you want to call it. I'm sure I'm behind on my knitting, but really who can tell? I am forever hearing "I just don't have time to knit", "Where do you find time to knit"....well, my friends, I don't have a very active social life aside from knitting. Oh, yes, I'm at the Y a couple of times a week exercising while the kids take karate, I'm at the school working or volunteering....but as far as hanging out with my friends? Thursday mornings are it (Hi Enid!! Hi Shelly!!) Besides. I like to give knitted gifts (to those who like to receive knitted gifts). And as with the senior luncheon at our school, often I am asked if I can donate a knitted item (or more) to a worthy cause...and really who can say no to that?
So, here's what I managed to knit up for the senior luncheon this year. I'd planned more, but it was a loooonnnnggg way off and it seemed like 15 minutes later it was next week! Two scarves. I still have some of that yarn, one skein each of a few different colors, so trying to come up with a scarf pattern that used just one skein and worked with this fuzzy yarn. I really like the key hole idea since it really does keep the scarf from slipping and sliding everywhere and besides that key hole area there would be awesome to show off a fancy pin.....I'm thinking vintage 50's here.
That fish hat......what a fun knit. I'd not really planned to donate it for the senior luncheon, thinking it might have been better suited to the Santa's breakfast which would be full of children who love crazy hats. But the powers that be used it as a senior luncheon door prize. Apparently they read a crowd better than me as the winner of said hat hunted me down (okay, it wasn't really much of a hunt, I was in the school office) she came up to me and thanked me for the hat and said her granddaughter confiscated it right away....she was thrilled to win something knitted by someone she knows. My kids were the only ones on the playground at the school with those silly fish hats and I have had a lot of requests for them.
Knit on my fiber addicted friends :)