Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kidney stones

Not too much happening around here. I've been in a percocet haze for a few days suffering from the kidney stone from hell. Yesterday I slept much of the day, so when the husband asked "did you have pain?" I really couldn't answer him. I mean...I did have pain in the morning and took a percocet (the only thing that seems to work), but then I slept so if I had pain I was unawares. I didn't have to take anything for the pain last night and was able to sleep (amazing because I slept several hours yesterday during the day). Today I worked at the elementary school for a couple of hours and came home. My side had ached off and on, but I'm not in agony. But because I know the stone hasn't passed, I know that this time of being pain free could be short.....or long.....that's the lovely thing about kidney stones they're sneaky when it comes to doling out the pain.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I am a slow slow knitter

I am a slow slow knitter. I admit it. It's not really that I'm a slow slow knitter, it's that other things happen in life that eat up my knitting time. There's the kids, the housework, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, the computer...oh so many many things that crop up. It can take me an hour some days to complete a row on something as small as a sock depending upon how many interruptions I have. At the elementary school I'm teased because normally I have a sock I'm knitting tucked away in my purse. Just in case. Just in case I have time while the kids are in one of their specials (pe, library, etc), or if I'm in the work room waiting for the copier to free up. But all this means is that there's not a lot of picture taking of my knitting. Somehow posting a picture with a mere row or two done would bore everyone (including me) to death. But knitting is happening. The butterfly shawl is coming (slowly) along. Now instead of looking like a lacy square, it's scrunched up on the circular needle looking more like a rag than a lovely shawl....not exactly exciting picture material. Once I get it worked far enough that there's something besides the little butterfly motifs I'll take another photo of it. I cast on some socks, but 8 rows of ribbing isn't much as far as saying "hey look at these socks".

Oh, look at the time! Youngest son stayed home sick with a fever today (and yesterday) and it's already time for me to go fetch girl child from the bus stop.