Monday, August 20, 2007

Knitters and Muggles

Koigu footies. I've decided that I rather like footies, especially for summertime wear. That and they're a great way to use up odd skeins of sock yarn. I'm sure that I'll have some in much wilder color patterns as I use up ends of skeins. My one rule is that if it is 100% sock wool I won't mix it with a blend (unless the blend is for the heels and toes giving extra wear, not that I'm hard on my socks because I'm quite the opposite).

I read knitting blogs. Not a lot of them, but a few. It's fun to read other peoples ideas and I've found more than one pattern by reading blogs. There is one that I enjoy very very much. The woman has been a knitter for years and years and she's really quite funny and her blog is fun. She has named those who do not knit, or who are not knowledgeable about knitting as "Muggles". Muggles I know are from "Harry Potter" and are people who are innocent to witchcraft and wizardry and, I tend to agree with another blogger that I enjoy in that I find that giving people who do not knit a name feels like a "us and them" sort of thing. Now I'm not criticizing either of these women, their blogs, their points of view or whatever they had for lunch today. I'm just throwing out random thoughts tonight. I've been knitting forever and have never thought about being a knitter, or a non knitter or whatever. I knit when it wasn't cool.....I wasn't a knitter.....I was a nerd. I guess I've never really thought of people not being "in the know" as far as knitting is concerned because knitting is just a part of who I am, like the fact that I can sew, or quilt, or I'm right handed and I have brown eyes. Not long ago a friend and I dropped her and my kids off at Water World and we had the whole day to goof off. We headed over to Boulder and stopped into a yarn shop. My friend is not a knitter but she found many many things to amuse her while we were there. It was nice to have the company knitter or not. I say let the people stare, let them ask questions or think of you as a granny or perhaps they think that you're really really cool. I hear that knitting is back in again. One of our high schools (probably more than just one, but the one that I've had kids attend) actually has a knitting cool is that?! Back in the 70's these kids would have been laughed at, and now they're the cool ones.

It's late and I'm not sure that my ramblings all make sense, but for now.....good knit and knit on!