Tuesday, February 28, 2006

She only looks innocent

She's cute, she's cuddly, she gets up on my bed and eats my earplugs off of my nightstand. Today she took a partial skein of wool (with my knitting still attached), jumped up on my bed and rolled around in the mess of yarn that was once a neat tidy skein. I love her dearly, but I'm telling you now, basset hounds are stupid stupid little creatures. I know she can learn, but good lord her stubborness is stuff that stories are made of.

My knitting project is now finished, luckily she didn't have a chance to ruin the yarn. and my knitting is out of her reach. She may be short, but she has great reach..... and now to find my ear plugs (or get some new ones)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Surgery, or how to spend a holiday

It was a planned thing (personally I've been planning this for over 20 years). But it's finally done and I'm not living a preparation H commercial. Actually no, I'm kind of in a percocet induced haze. But at least this time I've left the knitting alone. I once sewed a maternity outfit after 3 days in the hospital with a kidney stone. One should not operate a sewing machine on pain killers, the result will be lopsided. After my myomectomy I did try to knit something.....I managed to miss a WHOLE row of knitting! Beautiful.

But(t) now this whole thing is behind me, so to speak. And in a few days when I feel a little more like myself I shall (hopefully) have something wise and inspiring to say. Or not say, perhaps I should knit myself up a nice little gag. I sure hope I didn't chatter the doctor and nurses ears off yesterday as they were putting me out (or when I was waking up). I have a tendency to chatter when I'm nervous....you know the mouth is in gear, and the brain is in neutral....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My best side.......

I decided that my girlfriend should have a Flower Power Smoke Ring for her 50th birthday (she should also have some yoga socks, but that's another day). Today is the weather for this smoke ring as it's 9 degrees outside (-3 if you count the wind chill), but I will behave and work the ends in and put it up for her birthday instead of wearing it for myself, tho I have to say I look much better wearing it than I do without.....Maybe, just maybe I should take to wearing something over my face (I'm sure that my family would often vote for a nice plain old gag)

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sock it to me!!

I can finish socks!! Actually I'm pretty good about getting the second sock done. I've not tried knitting them two at a time, heck I'm still knitting them with 5 needles!

This was a pattern out of Spring 2004 (I believe) issue of Interweave Knits. It would not have been a bad pattern, but I seem to be my own worst enemy. If I could consistently count up to 8 life would have been good, but alas, I'd miss a stitch and wouldn't (somehow) discover it for about 4 rows. I must have cast on 4 times for each sock...because if I can't count up to 8, I surely can't count as high as 64!! But they're done!! And I'm on to the next project a flared smoke ring knit out of a sock weight yarn from Knitpicks in the color "Flower Power", bought because I love love love the name (and the colors are great) and because in April it is a dear friends 50th birthday and the colors and the yarn name fit her so well.

And now, because I don't have enough going on at one time I must let the dog out, play with dolls with girlchild AND go to the bus stop to pick up the youngest son.....