Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bursitis=very little knitting

I don't know if I slept wrong last night or what, but today my arms ached. My shoulders, my right shoulder, has a tendency for bursitis. Lifting weights has helped, but I've not lifted for about 3 weeks and tonight my right arm is aching. I'd hoped to cast on for a sweater out of the tivoli yarn I found on ebay. Love the yarn, hopefully will love the sweater....not enjoying the forced rest. Ug!! Motrin has brought the ache to merely dull, it's kind of on the hairy edge so I'm afraid to push it much. So that is the knitting content for

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Well, lookie there!!

Well, maybe (finally) this can become a knitting blog.

The tank I'm wearing in this bad picture taken by my 7 year old is from the Berroco site. It is their "Tank of Many Colors" as knitted in some mercerized cotton I bought at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure it would be nicer (much nicer) in the yarn it called for, but my pocketbook said no. Besides, I still have small kids meaning that anything I wear must be washable. The skirt was my find up in Denver yesterday, the lizards spoke to me.