Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love to knit lace

I love to knit lace. Well that's kind of silly because truly I love to knit. I find the repetitiveness relaxing and meditative, calming. That said, I am always amazed at how just the act of making loops in yarn, or string, you can manipulate the loops to make such beautiful designs. With only 2 stitches, knit and purl, one can knit countless designs. I am trying to teach girl child to knit. She sits with great concentration and has gotten the knit stitch mastered...more or less. She still has a tendency to start knitting in the wrong direction making an impromptu short row and periodically holes and great loose yarn ends appear, but she knits back and forth learning to tension and make loops. I do remember that part of learning to knit, even if I have no memory of actually learning. I do also remember my first sweater it was blue, garter stitch. I knit it my first year in high school and I wore it to death. There have been many many projects since and a great many of them have not stuck in my mind quite like that first "real" project that wasn't potholders or blankets for my dolls, and such began a lifelong love of knitting.