Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kidney stones

Not too much happening around here. I've been in a percocet haze for a few days suffering from the kidney stone from hell. Yesterday I slept much of the day, so when the husband asked "did you have pain?" I really couldn't answer him. I mean...I did have pain in the morning and took a percocet (the only thing that seems to work), but then I slept so if I had pain I was unawares. I didn't have to take anything for the pain last night and was able to sleep (amazing because I slept several hours yesterday during the day). Today I worked at the elementary school for a couple of hours and came home. My side had ached off and on, but I'm not in agony. But because I know the stone hasn't passed, I know that this time of being pain free could be short.....or long.....that's the lovely thing about kidney stones they're sneaky when it comes to doling out the pain.

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