Sunday, March 16, 2008

Almost better

I've spent most of the last month fighting kidney stones. I had a ct scan and really thought that perhaps the doctor would find a stone or two. I had concerns because no only did my left side hurt, but I had twinges in my right side as well. The radiologist read the ct scan to say that I have 8 stones in one kidney and 5 in the other (actually I believe his words were "at least"). The urologist says that both of my kidneys are full of grit with a few small stones. Oy! Not much knitting going on around here as I can't take pain medication and still have the ability to knit (I can read, but my comprehension is in the toilet because I can't seem to retain anything while zonked out on the pain meds). But there is a light at the end of the kidney stone tunnel. While the doctor told me that he can not make me "stone free", we can get rid of the ones that are causing me pain, then we can concentrate on making sure that my kidneys of grit don't turn into kidneys of stones again. So day after tomorrow I'll be having surgery to remove the offending stones and hopefully once the stents are removed from my kidneys I'll feel more like myself.

I may even have some knitting content for my knitting blog!

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Denise said...

i just wanted to stop by and say thank you - for sharing your webkinz sweater pattern. I searched on Raverly last week and found your free pattern. I so appreciate you sharing it. I knit a little sweater last night and my daughter loves it. Now I will need to make more for her 6 other webkinz;)
I do hope all goes well with your surgery. I've never had a kidney stone but suffered for many years with UTI's and kidney infections.
Hope you're pain free soon.
I'll be adding my new knit to my blog probably tomorrow.
Thanks again