Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Boring projects, new dog = uninspired knitting

Shortly before Christmas my mom decided to knit up a couple of afgans. She raved about how fast they were to knit. Six (or seven) skeins of Light and Lofty, size 17 needles, 100 or so stitches, knit each row until it's the size you want. Yea.....well, I find garter stitch about as exciting as watching paint dry in an empty room with no windows. But....think of it!! A Christmas gift for Greg and Lesley that their kids can't break!! Something that (in thery) they could use!! So off I run to my least favorite store on the planet for some of this cheap yarn and I find some size gi-normous 17 circular needles and cast on 104 (just to be different) stitches. And you know what? It's boring, and because it's boring it's slow. And I am bound and determined to have this damn thing done in time for Christmas!!! And if I ever lose my mind enough to actually say "Why, yes I think I will knit an afgan", someone remind me of how much fun it is, or at least hand me something with some pattern in it so that I can exercise my little mind!!!

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ChristinaLM said...

Love those size 17 needles! I feel like a dork knitting with them. I am also still working on a blanket, and you're right...it's boring!