Monday, July 18, 2005

Camping and knitting, knitting and camping

We left Friday for a quick weekend in Ridgeway. It was supposed to be a relaxed long weekend (leave Thursday, return Monday), but Chris had problems at work (as seems to happen whenever we plan anything) so we left Friday and came back yesterday. Hardly seemed worth dragging the boat 6 hours each direction. But it was fun to get away (and much needed) and I love Ouray and that whole area. And I brought my knitting. When camping I always bring my knitting, something washable when it's finished just in case it picks up that "I've been camping and sitting in the campfire smoke" smell....I do not knit while sitting around the fire lest an errant ember burn a hole in my project. I knitted part of the trip up, and a couple of rounds on the way home and still have about 4 inches left on my Tivoli.

Yesterday morning sitting on the lake shore after my outing for a lap of skiing, I was happily knitting away and chatting with our camping buddy, when we noticed the rangers towing our boat back to shore. It seems that after Mr Ranger scolded Chris for making a wake in the no wake zone (our boat is a jet, and Chris swears that he wasn't making a wake that it's just the nature of the was making a wake) about 45 minutes later Mr Ranger had to tow the offending boat because it sucked up the tubes tow rope. So instead of getting to happily sit in the sun with my knitting. I got to drive the truck with the boat trailer down to the dirt ramp while the guys dragged the boat around the cove so that we could drag it out of the water. The boat is now safely in my front yard until we have time to cut/pry/pick the rope out of the intake......and my knitting is not finished.

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