Thursday, July 14, 2005

Finally making progress. I think.

The Tivoli t-shirt is coming along. I'm to the waist decreases, from here on out it shouldn't be too bad, especially since I plan to take it camping with us and working on it while we're gone. I really should give credit where it's due. You can find the pattern and some lovely photos of finished ones at www. She's used real people as models and really it's a quick knit (if you don't have a bunch of kids and a new dog to make sure you have little time to knit). I have to say that I was leary of the Tivoli yarn. I bought 11 skeins off of ebay for about $11 including shipping, so we're talking cheap. I'd read a not so glowing review and that's about all I had to go on as far as this yarn goes (and I read the review long after I had 11 balls of the stuff staring at me). I've wound 5 skeins into balls and have only found one splice, the dye job on the skeins I bought seem to be pretty uniform. My only gripe is each skein only has 95 measley yards and that it's not machine washable. I have a front load machine and I wash everything in it and this sweater will be no exception. This next week I should have some "shine" yarn from Knitpicks, which is machine washable to knit this top up in. My daughter has already told me I have to knit her a sweater next to match mine. At the tender age of 4 years I love that she wants me to make her clothes.

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