Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Madeline has a new sweater

Girlchild loves her Madeline dolls. I remember seeing them in a toy store a couple of years before she was born and thinking how fun it would be to have someone to buy these neat dolls for, they had so many clothes, and they were so much cuter than Barbie. Flash forward a few years and I have a daughter to buy these cute little dolls for. The toy store where I found these dolls is gone, but no problem right? There's lots of neat toy stores out there right? Well, this is when I found out that my beloved Madeline dolls have been discontinued. Yes, just as girlchild is getting old enough to have the dolls you can no longer find them. So you visit ebay. Often. You buy a couple of dolls from a local toystore that still has a couple and you visit ebay to get your Madeline fix. Then at Christmas time you knit up a few sweater ornaments and you realize that with just a few modifications you can make these sweaters fit Madeline (forget trying to get the Barbie sweaters to fit her). You spend a morning knitting instead of doing the myriad of holiday things you should be doing and this is what you end up with:

I am sure that there are plenty more Madeline sweaters in my near future. Perhaps the next one will be a cardigan. This little number was knit from the top down and completely seamless. There is a slit in the back because there is no way that big ol head of Madeline's was going through the little neck opening. It was knit with Bernat Sox yarn on size 2 needles (size 1 for the ribbing, such that it is)


Lynda said...

Maybe I'm a sicko- but I would have tried popping her head off to get the sweather on!!!

Cherice said...

I've tried to pop the head off of the Madeline dolls and, unlike Barbie, the heads won't budge!!

Donna Boucher said...

That is just the cutest doll with the most perfect sweater!
I think my little red-headded Katie needs a Madeline doll :o)

Thank for the great idea!

Miz Booshay

p.s. your picture is perfect :o)