Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Finishing Girlchild's projects

I loved this dress on the cover of "Handknits for kids". Girlchild loved it and asked me to knit it and a mouse from the book for her. So we ordered some Knitpicks shine to knit the dress up (it would have cost me about $95 to knit it out of the yarn specified, a smidge out of my budget for a dress the kid will stain even if I put her in a white room alone). And I knitted. And knitted. And knitted. She would stand next to me on occaision and ask if she could try on the pieces and when would I have it all done. I finished up the crochet edging (which wasn't as bad as I feared) last night and this morning I wove the ends in. As I wove in the last end Girlchild was standing next to me stripping out of her jammies to put the dress on. I explained gently to her that there's still some embroidery to do on the dress, and she explained not so gently to me, that she doesn't want the embroidery on the dress she just wants to wear it. The dress is so large on her (she's on the thin side) that when it becomes to short to wear as a dress we'll find some pink, red or turquoise leggings for her to wear and she should be able to wear this for a long long time (or at least until it's stained or ripped, because I'm sure one of those will happen before she outgrows this.

So we'll see if I can get this little project finished. Perhaps tonight when we pry her out of it to wrestle her into her jammies I'll sit and do the embroidery, or perhaps I'll just let it stay an embroider-less dress. Either way, she's paid me the highest compliment by wearing it (as I type this she's matching shoes to the dress)

Edit: There was a box awaiting my attention at the post office today. I thought that it was, perhaps, a sweater that Engineer-boy had ordered me for Christmas. It was not. Which is okay because it was from my secret pal!!! I now know her name and that she has a way of knowing just when I might need a pick me up package (she calls it being very tardy, I call it perfect for how my today was going).....Okay so I still don't know how to put pictures where I want them here. You can see what was in my package above. A yummy smelling candle, some chai mix (I love chai), a beautiful beautiful flowered tote with my name inside, a tin of lip balm (my favorite and my last tin is almost empty), a nifty little hand knit sweater, and a lovely hank of koigu!! Thank you!!


heather said...

Cheri! That dress turned out sooooo great! What an adorable cutie too. I love it. Make me one?

Lynda said...

Such a cute dress - you can just tell she loves it!

Debbie said...

Oh, that dress is just too cute. Post a photo of you daughter in the one you made! Love to see your handy work.