Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Is your holiday knitting finished? (for this year, not last year)

I am famous for thinking that I 1. Knit faster than I truly do 2. Have more time than I truly do and 3. Will not bore of knitting a dozen of the same project. (I'm sure there are others but at the moment that's the best I can do). Shortly after Christmas last year I decided that the perfect gift for my husband's two sisters and their husbands would be lap afghans. My mother swore that knit on big needles this light and lofty, or soft and fluffy or whatever the name of that terrible yarn is, would knit up super fast, after all she knit up a couple of them. So I optimistically bought the yarn and cast on. Nearly 12 months later after avoiding knitting on this albatros I finished up one, smaller than it should be, lap robe. It will go to my sister in law with the 4 kids that I swear break everything they can get their grubby little hands on. My other sister in law with the grown civilized son and her husband are getting a lovely pottery garlic holder from a local potter. My sister is getting a pair of socks and a pair of fingerless gloves. My husband is getting a pair of fingerless gloves (he requested a new pair a few months ago) and that dear reader is the extent of my holiday knitting. I have knit a few tiny sweater ornaments and given away, but this year I am not madly knitting up until Christmas Eve and then hoping that my knitted object will block dry before Santa shows up and I can hide and wrap it. Nay dear reader, this afternoon I have cast on a sock for myself and plan to knit on it over the school holiday while my kids are home and my mother (who talks through any movie or tv show you try to watch) visits. I plan to drag my mother to a yarn store in Boulder that I've never been to, but hear is fabulous. So yep, my holiday knitting is gloriously finished. (okay, but the house still needs a good cleaning, and I've done no baking or candy making.....but...the knitting is done)

I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing Christmas!

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