Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Easter Egg dying in November, and an old dog

Miss K and I decided to dye some yarn today. We used Easter egg colors (I probably have a few more boxes squirreled away, and now that I know how easy it is to dye yarn with them I'll probably go wild at Easter time!). We stuck the yarn in the crock pot and left it for a good portion of the day while we ran errands (dropped half a dozen hats off to the nursery at the hospital, and gave blood for the first time, me not K) When we came home we were met by the smell of cooking yarn, well the crock pot was on low so the yarn was just hot. And here is our yarn, and Miss Stella modeling for us (she's not a good model, she won't hold still and can't hear instructions, and she doesn't see so well anymore either, but I think the yarn necklace suits her). This yarn will be knitted up into a hat for Miss K and felted.


Wendy said...

So nice to see your dyeing. And your doggie. I can't wait to see whatever you decide to knit...what will you knit with it?

Donna Boucher said...

How beautiful!!!

Ya just stuck it in the crock pot and it came out like that! You have an amazing crock pot!
And a great eye for color.

Lynda said...

So pretty, but coming home to the smell of cooking wool.... not so sure about that! The yarn really is beatiful - love the colors. Can't want to see what you do with it!

Cherice said...

LOL on the amazing crock pot, if the yarn had been hideous I'dve let the crock pot take the credit, but I will admit to pouring the dye (very scientific from coffee cups, a friend of mine uses real dye and water bottles).

And there's nothing quite like the smell of hot wet wool (tho I will say it's a better smell than wet dog) ;-)

Stephanie said...

I think it is very pretty. I look forward to seeing what you knit.