Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The finished project

Snow days were made for knitting. Unless, like me, you have kids then snow days are made for drying the snow off the floor and feeding the masses (or at least what feels like the masses when your teenager has a couple of friends over, the little kids didn't eat all that much). I spent a small part of my morning finishing up my leaf lace and blocking her. (yesterday you got to see her pinned down-side up on my living room carpet, today you get to see her over my gym clothes). I was amazed at 1. how simple this pattern really is especially if you knit with a fingering weight yarn so you can rip back if needed and 2. how quickly it knit up (okay, I may have been obsessed with getting it finished and therefore invested more time knitting on it than I should have in the last few days, the dishes in the sink seem to think that). But now she's done and I will go back to Miss K's dress, Robert's fingerless gloves and this weeks hospital hat.


Lynda said...

Cheri - thanks for your comment on my blog... I'll give the shawl some more thought - again, yours is sure pretty.

PS I went to Cal Poly and met my hubby there!

Wendy said...

Thats and amazing shawl. Boy, I wish I could knit like that!

heather said...

Excellent! I love it.
I made one exactly like that, same color too, for the mother. Don't think she ever wears it either.
You did a great job!