Sunday, October 09, 2005

Snow and knitting projects

Not much to show project-wise since I finished my scarf a couple of posts ago. Just a couple of hats for the hospital. I've got a fingerless glove on the needles at the moment, hopefully I'll have two finished fingerless gloves before too long. It seems I've made everyone else a pair (the hub has asked for another pair, his met with an untimely accident while Chris was helping my brother with a building project. Chris got 6 stitches in his thumb and I can't remember if the fingerless gloves survived, I do remember blood on everything) except myself. So that's about it.

It's snowing. Tonight we're supposed to get 4 to 7 inches tonight, then 6 to 10 inches tomorrow. Then 1 to 3 inches tomorrow night. Normally I'd be thrilled. I'd be chanting "snow day, snow day" with the kids (if anything so there'd be no reason to leave the house). I'd make hot chocolate, bake some cookies and knit. So, kids, what do you think I'm doing tomorrow? Well.....funny you should ask. My son for civics class must do community service. A friend of his (whose mom is one of my dearest friends) also must do community service. So at 6:30 tomorrow morning my friend and her son are picking up my son and me and we're driving half an hour (if it wasn't snowing, hopefully it won't take us an hour) to the soup kitchen and volunteering from 7 until 2 in the afternoon. And if that weren't enough yucks for my day. Chris will pick Robert and me up from the soup kitchen and we'll drop Chris off at the hospital, because Chris is having sinus surgery tomorrow. I'll drive home, situate the kids and drive back to the hospital to fetch Chris and bring him home. Hopefully we won't get so much snow that the only way to accomplish what I need to get done tomorrow will be with a dog sled. (I can guarantee that my old golden and the little basset are not good sled dogs). I am hoping to squeeze in a little knitting tomorrow.....if anything for my own sanity!

g'night all, the snow is sticking and tomorrow is going to be a busy day, I need my beauty rest!

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