Monday, October 17, 2005

Birthday day and other anniversaries

Today is my birthday. Tomorrow would be my parents 47th wedding anniversary and my grandparents 70th (or 71 I can never remember) wedding anniversary had 1975 happened (the year of the big divorce in my family). Every year for my birthday for many years my grandmother would say "Ted and I would have been married for x years had he not run out". Funny thing is he didn't run out on her and she kept the house while he lived in a travel trailer behind his sister's house. But the whole divorce thing is not something I wish ever to dredge up, so I'll leave it and my nana's voice in the past where that ugly scene belongs.

Today is also the marks the 7th year since dad died. I miss him every single day. Lord knows he wasn't perfect (who is?), and it took him a long time to grow up, but dad was a good person and I wish that my kids could have known him (Colin and Robert have some memories of grandpa, B and K have none).

So, at some point today I shall have a drink to dad, but in the meantime I am going to finish up my coffee and take K to the Y to exercise, run some errands and possibly, just possibly (probably) squeeze in some knitting.....Maybe even squeeze in some knitting for me instead of on the myriad of projects I have going on for others!


heather said...

Happy Birthday!

I know today is also a sad day, but try and enjoy it as much as you can. I'm sure your dad would have wanted that.

Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday! Do something special for yourself to celebrate your day!

Wendy said...

I hope your birthday was special, in some way. I am not a big fan of birthdays these days, but come to think of it, I never was.

I always enjoyed other's birthdays. So, tonight, I will take a sip of wine and think of you.

kristen said...

Happy Birthday!

Have a drink for yourself too!
And I understand (kind of) about wanting your kids to have memories of their grandpa. I know it's not the same but my mom's dad died before i was born but she always talked about him and told me stories so I feel like I know about him even if I didn't know him personally.

Anyways- have a wonderful birthday!

lynda said...

Happy Birthday, yesterday! It's hard sometimes when a b-day has some tough memories attached to it. Mine's 9/11, and although we can't help but stop and reflect and pray for those affected by that tragedy, my family also decided to "reclaim" it as my day a couple of years ago. We're big on birthdays in our family. Always stop and celebrate YOU!