Thursday, October 20, 2005

Online Friends are the bestest.....

Several years ago I was drug kicking and screaming into the computer age. I saw no use for email, web pages, and never could figure out why I'd want to "chat" with someone on the other side of the nation (or planet for that matter)! We moved 3 states away from family 14 years ago. I kept in touch the normal way, phone calls and snail mail letters (which I still love to find in my mailbox). As my family was dragged into the computer age (my husband is a computer guy so we were pretty on the ball computer wise), I (grudgingly) learned more about this thing called email. Then I discovered Amazon, but that's a whole 'nother story. So I started emailing the few family members with email. Friends I made here moved away, so I started emailing them too. Pretty soon I was introduced to "the web". Good Lord!! You could look up anything! You could use it kind of like a gi-normous encyclopedia. Slowly I learned that there were web sites you could join, message boards!! You could BUY stuff on the internet and have it shipped to you, things you couldn't find in your little town and ordering stuff on the web is so much faster than waiting for the paper catalog!! A couple of years ago I discovered this thing called a blog. I found other people's blogs. I found that I cared very deeply for people who live all over the world, whom I don't know other than what they write on their blog (I'm still not a "chat room" kind of gal). I have found out things about the area I live in that I would never have discovered (a wonderful knit group, yarn stores, vacation spots etc).

All of this above brings me to this. We all have birthdays, whether or not we wish to or not. Husbands may manage to miss this day (he's trying, really he is, he did bring home a divine cake), but friends, even the online ones you've never met always seem to step in, as did Heather my dear online friend who lives too far away, but someday I do plan to pack up the camper and head east. A wonderful historic sock book, that even if I never knit a pattern from the book (I at least plan to use several of the stitch patterns from it and some of the toe treatments and some different heels than my standard.....okay, there are several patterns I'm planning.), is incredibly interesting and one I'd thought about buying for myself. 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces!! The color is incredible the yarn is....amazing. I've never bought myself Lorna's Laces, partly because only recently have I found an actual store that carries it, partly because....well...I don't really know why. She also included some most wonderful knitwear wash. AND a pattern for a beautiful scarf/shawl (how did she know that I have some yarn wanting to be knit into a shawl, but hadn't found the perfect pattern yet?) And the card was just something that fits in to what my family would send me. She is officially my sister of the heart.

And now for the knitting portion of this blog. Miss K has asked for some fingerless gloves. In pink. She is so tiny I should have them both done by tomorrow night barring some other thing that needs doing first.

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heather said...

Tearing up here, could you not be any more sweet?
It was such a pleasure to spoil you for your special day.
I'm especially touched that you call me your "sister". I used to tell my brother that I wished he would've been a girl. ;)