Thursday, August 04, 2005

One lonely sock.......

Sock #1 came off my needles this morning. Jeanie Townsend's Cascading leaves pattern, Skacel Trampoline Stretch yarn. Now, one good sock deserves another and here is where I always have my knitting block. Depending upon how much knitting time I have and other outside factors, I've been staring at a sock for days/week(s)/months and that's just one sock. By the time I've finished sock #1 other projects are calling my name, not other sock patterns mind you, no. Lace patterns, sweater patterns all seductively calling to me from their glossy perfect pictures, saying "knit me next, knit me next". But unless I plan on losing a leg I must finish that socks buddy. Maybe this is why I always find the second sock so much quicker to knit, because there is another project calling to me. I'd love to say that it's willpower that gets me to finish up that sock. But if I had willpower I'd be a happy size 6-8 instead of a pudgy sized 12, no, it's not's cold feet. And now to cast on that second sock......Anyone want to bet that I can have it finished before my mother comes to visit in 7 days?

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