Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Another pair of socks

I have heard of the "second sock syndrome" and how there are all of these socks where only the first sock has been knit with the second one never even casted on the needles. I have fought against this syndrome ever since I started knitting socks. I do not allow myself multiple projects until that blasted second sock is done. Today I finished the second sock (but I did NOT finish cleaning the bathrooms). Can't post a picture because the hub took the drive out that the camera hooks up to on the puter, so just suffice it to say that sock number 2 pretty much looks exactly like sock number one!!


Wendy said...

Oh, that stupid second sock. Try knitting three pairs at a time: do right sock of first pair, right sock of second pair, left sock of first pair, right sock of third pair, left sock of second pair, and so on....and wouldn't it be great with a swift and winder? Tell hubby to go to Elann.com...they have them for pretty good prices. You deserve them for your birthday!!!!!! (Mine is Sept 26, so we're both Libra's, right?)

lpfj5amdq37pccx said...
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