Thursday, August 05, 2010

Still here, still knitting still crazy

I've not been much of a blogger anywhere as of late. Oh, I post here and there on FB, or Ravelry. I'm spotty at best about taking pictures of my knitting. Depends upon the project, the battery in the camera and my mood (and if the planets align up etc etc).

My sister loves hand knit socks, after years of teasing about how one can just buy socks at the store, she admitted that a pair of hand knit socks would be welcome. So I knitted her a pair and so began her love affair with hand knit socks and me having my hobby financed. Over the years I've knit her countless pairs of socks (I think we're close to a dozen). The pink pair in this photo had near to no wear on them when she developed a hole in the toe. I'm not a competent darner so I picked the toe out and re-toed them. and darn it (pun intended) if the new toe didn't develop a hole in no time (I am not impressed with this yarn and did the second re-toe in Wildfoote which I swear is indestructible). Lucky for me she doesn't care that the toe doesn't match. The green sock I knit while on vacation. Eventually I'll finish writing up the pattern and post it here. It's pretty basic and so I should have no problem finishing it's twin since on any given day if I'm wearing socks they (usually) match.

So yes, I'm still here, still knitting and still crazy.

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