Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas knitting

I don't give knitted gifts as a rule. That's only partially true really, because a few years ago I knitted my sister a pair of socks for her birthday (she'd hinted that she wanted a pair of hand knit socks.) It's odd that I'd waited for so long to knit her a pair since I'd knitted a pair for my brother's wife when she turned 40 (my sister won't hit 40 for a couple more years, so she'd still be waiting). So, I knitted a pair for my sister for a gift and she requested socks for every gift after that. Really it's easy since we wear the same sized shoe.

But other than for my sister I don't knit gifts. I did knit my mother in law a shrug which was supposed to be her gift last Christmas, but I gave it to her over the summer because she'd been diagnosed with cancer. She died November 25. I'm glad I didn't wait. I did knit my dad a sweater about 25 years ago for Christmas. Bless his heart he wore it even tho the bind off on the neck was so tight he just about ripped his ears off trying to pull the thing over his head. I asked about the sweater after he died and my step mom said "I hope you don't mind, but we donated it, that neck band...." My feelings weren't hurt in the least.

This year I've broken my "I don't knit Christmas gifts" rule. My mom has said "I don't have time to knit, or do any hobbies, I just have so much going on in my life right now". My mother lives alone with a cat. Yes she's fixing up her yard, yes she's getting rid of the crap she's hoarded for all the years she's lived there (anyone need an old helmet hairdryer? In turquoise?). She visits me and makes these comments and tells me that I have so much more time because I have a husband (yes I do, and 4 children...okay 3 kids live at home, and a dog). So mom doesn't have time to knit (but she does have the equivelent of a yarn shop's worth of yarn in her house), but I digress. She's getting hand knit socks for Christmas (and some other fancies she doesn't need). And that's pretty much the extent of my Christmas knitting. Oh, I did knit a quick scarf from some yarn a neighbor gave me for the kids to put on the tree at their elementary school and I have started a sweater for girl child. But if I don't finish girl child's sweater it's not a big thing because it would be just as appropriate (probably more appropriate) in the spring. And I've started an Estonian Sampler scarf (for me) but that is only because I'm not wild about knitting with Tofutsie and needed a break. Oh, and a quickie cheap-o plain Christmas sock to shove an ornament into for an ornament exchange (but that hardly qualifies as knitting even!)

Perhaps sometime between Christmas and New Years I'll say what I say just about every year....maybe this year I'll knit everyone something.

yea right.

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