Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy busy and quiet

It's pretty quiet around here without our Stella. Jenny spent the better part of the day after Stella was put to sleep looking for her. All the old dog did was sleep, but still the house feels mighty empty without her around. And my knitting! I seem to have forgotten how to knit without my Stella. I've ripped the same sock out about half a dozen times trying to get it right. I had decided to knit my mother socks for Christmas, just to make myself crazy. The pink sweater, or at least the pink beginning of a sweater is for Girl child. I was in Joann's last week and found some "Red Heart Soft Yarn" and thought that it would be perfect for a sweater for girl child (that if she lost I wouldn't have a fit...tho I have to say that she's been the best of all of the kids for not losing jackets and the like).

Jenny Basset was very accommodating about allowing me to perch my knitting on her. She's quite the model.

I've not done much in the way of knitting lately. Just the little you see above. The school and kids have kept me quite busy. This past weekend there were karate seminars that the youngest son attended. His sensei's sensei was here from Alaska and it's always exciting to have Sensei Tanaka here and we plan to let little guy attend a few classes with Sensei Tanaka. And with the school we just have Thanksgiving stuff and a Senior luncheon. Busy busy.

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