Thursday, October 25, 2007

Socks for girl child

Girl child loves hand knit socks, but sadly fitting her has been pretty hit and miss. I knit her up some lacy socks a while back and the lace was not stretchy (as lace should be), she likes those socks but it's hard for her to put them on. These are nice and stretchy and fit her quite well, should be no problems with putting them on! The 17 year old is asking for me to knit him some socks, methinks he should learn to knit. Besides I just knit him an earflap hat!

Busy days around here lately with parent teacher conferences, a jury summons, doctors appointments, optometrists appointment, karate lessons. It's been a while since I've looked at the calendar and told the kids "gosh we have nothing going on for a few days"!


amelia said...

Do these patterns come out of your head or are they written patterns?

Cherice said...

The last two pair of socks I've knitted came out of the Charlene Schurch "Sensational Socks" and "More Sensational Socks", the wild pair came out of my head. Most of the sweaters I've knitted the past couple of years have come out of my head (I use Barbara Walker's "Knitting From the Top as a reference). For the most part when I knit socks they're just out of my head, I have a basic sock pattern and I plug in lace patterns.