Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Cross Hatch lace sock and my favorite model

Here is my dear Stella holding Girl child's "Cross Hatch Lace" sock. I've just cast on the second sock and perhaps when I get it done I'll have girl child model both of them for me. Amelia mentioned my darling footrest and I thought perhaps I'd tell a little bit about my model/footrest. This picture (minus the sock) is pretty much what I see when I am sitting at the computer and look down. Miss Stella. Miss Stella was a gift from my husband a little more than 14 years ago after my first miscarriage (I've had 4). When she came to live with us she was a 6 week old ball of fluff. She's dried many a tear, and shared much much laughter and many many good times. Now she's 14 (she turned 14 in June), nearly blind, nearly deaf and quite stiff...tho she still plays and is just as sweet as can be. Because she is so calm and patient it is easy for me to toss my knitted goods on her and have her "hold" them for me to photograph. She never complains and will hold perfectly still for hours on end (sometimes prompting us to hold a mirror under her nose). She is in the twilight of her life and I simply can't bear to think of her no longer here to put up with my warming my feet on her, or perching my knitting goods on her. Jenny (the sawed off hound) just isn't the same.

It snowed last night and I need to shovel off the back deck. Old Stella can't navigate the stairs especially in the snow, so she has "deck potty privileges" when she was a young thing she got in trouble for pottying on the deck, but with age comes privileges. She's earned them. So perhaps I'll go and shovel off the deck for my dear little old lady, and then settle in with the mate to that sock.


amelia said...

Just the thought of you losing her makes me cry. How can you bear to think of it?

We have four dogs and each one is a precious gift. We have lost a couple of dogs before and it's almost like losing a child. I have three of those and nine grandchildren! I can't even think about losing our present dogs.

We also have an old cat who is almost 19 and a cockatiel who is 27.

I always enjoy your blog and wish you'd post more often!!!!!

Cherice said...

Amelia, I do have another blog of non knitting stuff at because of problems I've had in the past with my brother you have to sign up for a (free) account and be signed in to read that particular blog.

Nine grandchildren!! How blessed you are! I lost my cat in February he was between 18 and 20 (he adopted us when he was a year or two old) he was a hateful old thing that loved the kids. The house is sure quiet(er) with him gone.