Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just how long does it take to knit a sock

I am asked that question often, perhaps it's because I always seem to have a sock in progress with me, tho not lately. During the school year when I seem to spend my life waiting for children at different things I try to keep a smallish knitting project tucked into my purse usually a sock which will beg the "how long" question. So I cast on a sock and kept a record of how long it took me to knit one sock (not the ones in the picture as at the moment I have only 1 sock done of the pair I was timing I'll take a picture of them later) I found out many things while I was timing my knitting. One is that it's tedious to time yourself when you're doing an activity that is supposed to relax you, another thing is it's hard to set aside time when you know you're not going to have a lot of interruptions. But all of that aside it took me six and a half hours to knit one women's size 7 sock. Naturally this is not necessarily accurate since each project takes on its own personality and one sock could take 10 hours to knit, but for purposes of having something to tell people when they ask I can now tell them it takes about 7 hours of. knitting. time.

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