Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer days

I am knitting a little again. Girl child wanted a skirt so that is on the needles and slowly becoming a tube which will be her skirt. I'm knitting it "from the top" down so it has eyelets for a drawstring, a couple of more inches of knitting and I'll border it with a lace pattern. We have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks, hopefully I'll have it finished and she can wear it if she wants.

I've not knit much, but I have wallowed around in self pity the past couple of weeks. I need to snap myself out of this funk and dust off my resume. We didn't really expect the lay off, oh husband knew one was coming up, but had no feel that his name would be on the hit list. 30% of the company was laid off. I guess we should be grateful that it was now with a severance package, rather than later (I'm sure there'll be a later) when perhaps there will be no severance. I've not worked outside of the home since becoming a mom 21 years ago, I've never balanced taking care of children while working. I've always welcomed neighbor children into the house to help my neighbors who work and need coverage here and there. Youngest boy and girl child aren't old enough to leave at home alone and I'm sure that hubby will be employed again before too too long, so technically I could be needing child care. Hubby wants me to wait before I start sending out my dusty resume out. I'm not qualified to really do much. I have a two year degree, which rules out subbing for the school (thanks to the " child left behind" one must have a bachelors degree..I swear in substitute), if I could get hired as a para-professional then I'd have the same days/hours as the children. Otherwise I'm looking at our local little health food place, it's near by and the hours are much much better than the big chain store across the street. We'll see. In the meantime I'm trying to adjust my piss poor attitude and paste a smile on my face and treat this like a really cheap "staycation". Husband is getting some much needed work done on the house and the kids are happy to be out of school and youngest son is slowly recovering from his pneumonia (and not a moment too soon either since after Friday we'll be uninsured and I'm not signing up and spending any precious money on insurance until we need it, or hubby has a job with benefits).

Smile.....that's my mantra.

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