Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something to show

I had cast on the blue scarf with no idea who it would be for, but one thing I knew, I was not for me. No matter how much I like it (a little voice told me it was not for me). So I cast on and started knitting. Then my neighbor called me. Her husband was at work and could I come over quickly and take her to the doctor. Another neighbor appeared to take this woman's daughter. So I went. My neighbor had just had a biopsy and was awaiting the results (which was not the reason she called, but it's all related). She commented on the shawl and asked who it was for. Not knowing I told her "a friend". A few days later she called to tell me that the biopsy came back as cancer. I knew then who the shawl was for. I picked up the pace so that it would be done before her mastectomy. I finished it a couple of days ago, she will have surgery hopefully next week. It looks lovely on her and I am grateful for the little nagging voice that said "knit a shawl, someone close to you will need it".

On the non-knitting front. My kids take their lunches to school every day. They don't like paper napkins and so I thought that a few cloth ones would be fitting.

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