Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Design.....

Isn't she just too cute, oh yea and the sweater isn't too bad either. Girl child has asked and asked for a blue sweater shirt. I'd seen cute sweater top in an ad and thought that it would be a fairly quick knit if I knit it up in Cotton-ease. Not the greatest yarn, but hey it's machine washable and we're talking about a kid here who is hard on her clothes (that said the hand knit ones seem to hold up forever). So I cast on with the idea that it would be v-neck-ish and immediately decided that perhaps a nice tie would work for the neck (and keep in on her little shoulders). So I knit and knit and decided that perhaps a little textural interest would be nice across the front and around the bottom (which I have now ripped out because the princess asked me to make the sweater longer, this is the reason that I knit from the top down) As I picked up the stitches for the sleeves I decided that ties on the sleeves might add a bit of fun and interest too.

So, here we have the sweater....before the frogging of the hem in order to add an inch or three in length.

Pattern: In my empty head (pretty much a basic top down, custom fit to my skinny child)
Yarn: Cotton ease because there's no yarn store nearby and no matter how fast shipping is there's not a company who could get me the yarn with the speed with which girl child wished. Besides, I was lazy and cheap. That and at Michaels she could touch and feel the yarn.
Needles: Size 8 for the sweater size 7 for the "hem"


lynda said...

Wow - girl child is growing up! You did a wonderful job on the sweater. Such a pretty blue - it's a good color for her.

Becki said...

She is adorable! I'm sorry about that non-working link to the earthen hemp skirt. The pattern can be found at There is a link to the post on the side bar.