Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A friend has been going through a lot with one of her daughters. Her daughter has been diagnosed with a form of neuropathy. My mother in law suffered from neuropathy, but hers didn't begin until she was an adult, my friends daughter is still a child. I've never met this friend in "real life", but she's sent care packages to my youngest son when he had to have his tonsils out, and when he's had a rough time in school. If you could look up kindness and beauty in the dictionary I am sure that you would see Aleta's picture there. This shawl was a learning experience for me. I know that Aleta and her dear husband are going through a far more painful learning experience and I wish I could make it easier for them. Each stitch of this shawl is a prayer, and I sent it off to her with hopes that she can feel my love for her family.


amelia said...

That is so kind of you!

Anonymous said...

That's lovely. It reminds me of the knitting they do in the Shetland Isles of Scotland. I had a pen pal there and she sent me a scarf that looked like that. It was so delicate and beautiful.


Beverly said...

What pattern is this? And what yarn did you use? It's exquisite!

Cheri said...

Beverly, The pattern is "Bear Claw Scarfette" http://olgajazzzy.blogspot.com/2007/03/scarfette.html (If you cut and paste the addy it should take you to the pattern) and the yarn is knitpicks "Gloss".

If you knit it could you send me a picture of yours?