Saturday, January 20, 2007

Random projects.

Lets see how did the photos load on here (I never manage to get them where I want them to be). I made girlchild a pair of socks, she's quite thrilled with them and stopped only for a second for me to snap a picture of them....well, long enough to snap a picture of the bottom of her foot with stuff stuck to the sock. They are purple with a pink ruffle, toes and heels. Knit from Knitpicks essential sock yarn (which I don't think it's very "essential" as far as sock yarn is concerned, I've knit a few pair from the KP essential yarn and think that I'll fork out the dough for Lorna's Laces or some other higher quality sock yarn....that said, for children's socks nothing beats cheap she'll outgrow the socks before they wear out). Then we have and Estonian sampler scarf knit from KP stuff (all I remember is the color is "Happydance") We have the blocked version shown here and the unblocked version as modeled by my very old cat (he's about 18 years).

Knitting time comes in bits and spurts these days. I am currently working on a pair of socks for moi from Lorna's Laces in "jeans" (or something like that, I'm currently too lazy to go find the ball band and am relying on my unreliable memory. The yarn is shades of blue and white if that helps). I have other things I should cast on, but for the moment my mind can only wrap itself around one project on the needles at a time so that is what I'm doing. One. Project. At. A. Time. Ug!


Stephanie said...

I am a cat person so awwww! The shawl is gorgeous!

Lynda said...

Cute socks! - and BEAUTIFUL shawl!

heather said...

That shawl is gorgeous! Love the colors too.

And the wee foot looks darling in her new sock, very sweet!

Miss ya. :)