Friday, November 24, 2006

A thank you for a friend

Last week my youngest son had surgery and a girlfriend of mine picked up girlchild from kindergarten for me and kept her for a good portion of the day. I was especially appreciative of this because this friend doesn't have a kindergartener this year, nor does she have a girl (she does have 2 wonderful boys). To thank her I knit her a pair of socks which my neighbor's dog was so kind to model for me (they are too big for my feet and Blaze was holding still, so I thought he'd hold them for me).

Thanksgiving is now over, the boychild is feeling like himself again, bless his little heart. My mother in law is holding onto life in a hospital 3 states away and I am afraid that we are going to lose her very very soon. I wish that knitting could ease that pain away.

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Stephanie said...

Unfortunately knitting doesn't make the pain go away but I do feel it can be a good stress reliever. Sorry to hear about your mother in law. My inlaws are in NY while we are in TX so I understand. I'll keep y'all in my prayers. The socks are great!