Monday, August 28, 2006

My fling with Lorna

After many starts and stops I have finished a pair of socks for myself.

Does it mean you knit too much when you finish up one project and as you're casting on another your husband says "Now what are you knitting?" I really think it was because I cast on for a shawl I'm knitting for a school auction and not another pair of socks since he so kindly stocked me up on Lorna's Laces while we were on vacation. I love knitting with Lorna. I love the stitch definition, I love the softness and on this pair I loved the colors, they didn't pool or make weird designs (you know, not the designs like patterned yarn makes, but weird random designs that look like mistakes). Soon I'll cast on another pair of socks, but first I have 4 hats to finish up with pom poms and ends worked in so that I can drop them off at the hospital, then there's the school shawl thingy and...well....there's always a project of 20 that are calling my name.


Shelley said...

Your socks look great, and the colours are so pretty! I haven't used Lorna's Laces yet - don't think I can get it around here so I'd have to order it online. I hear so many positive things about it though.

Marsha said...

Pretty socks - I do love the Lorna's! I read your comment on Lynda's and it's funny - you were quoting Poe and I quoted Shakespeare on my blog!

Marsha said...

Hi Cheri!
It's me again - I followed your post on Wendy's blog about wanting your hands to look better. I just started using BeautiControl products and their #1 product is a line for your hands called A Show of Hands which includes a scrub. I loved all the products so much I signed up to sell them. Take a look here to see if you are interested at - sorry I couldn't find a link or anything to your email address or I would've emailed you privately :)