Saturday, May 20, 2006

When the going gets tough, the tough knit socks

I have griped and complained about this whole car accident thing, the unfairness of it all. I've knit all sorts of things that I don't have to concentrate on, baby hats and most recently these socks. But finally things are turning around. Late(ish, it was 9:00) the phone rings and the caller id says the name of my city. Since the town hall closed hours ago I piqued my interest as to who could be calling me at that hour. It was a seargeant from the local police depart calling to tell me that they've been reviewing the accident information and have come to the conclusion that they should drop the case against me and charge the guy who hit me. Gosh, what a concept!! The guy rear ended me and I even had a witness come forward (which the officer mentioned last night) to say I was innocent. Too bad they didn't do this before I went to court the first time. I really think that the only reason that they "reviewed" the case was because I told the court I was not guilty and now the case was going to trial. They could not just blindly charge me without looking at the facts.

I feel like singing. I feel like dancing. I feel like I can knit something that requires math. I have told the kids, tell the truth, no good comes from lying. Lying catches up to you and bites you on the behind. The guy who hit me is (possibly) going to find that out soon.


mamma said...

Woo-Hoo. I'm so happy for you. What a huge weight to have carried. You must feel so light and happy. Hooray!

heather said...

Wow, what a complete relief! I'm so glad to know that mean ol' guy is going to get what he deserves. Also that you won't be blamed for somthing completely rediculous. Yay for you!

Lynda said...

Yee Haw!!! What comes around, goes around...!

"feel like I can knit something that requires math" - you crack me up!!!

Donna Boucher said...

Fantastic news! Oh, it is so good to finally get a little good news!

Hooray for you!

And your socks are fab!