Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am not a foot model

or any other kind of model for that matter...too short, too fat, too old. The boys karate teacher is turning 40 tomorrow. So I took a vote as to what they might wish to gift her with. Yoga socks won (but we'll call them "karate socks" for sake of argument). This was decided on Friday meaning that I had just a few short days to get them knit up (in addition to the other stuff that raising a family entails). And here dear friends is my effort (and my completely flying by the seat of my pants "pattern")

And just because I feel like it here is a picture of Jenny on my yellow chair. My yellow chair that we stack crap on trying to keep her off of it. Her favorite spot in my chairshedoesn'tbelongon is inbetween the back of the chair and the cushion.

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Lynda said...

Very cool yoga socks!