Thursday, September 22, 2005

Changing who can comment and other such things

I've not played with this blog much. I've had people say that they can't leave comments here, which suprised me as I didn't think that you needed an account to comment here.

My mom has been visiting for a week which means lots of busy-ness. Actually with the kids in school it just means a new twist on an old routine. She drove out in her sporty new little car (which my brother and I knew nothing about), and didn't have room to bring her usual assortment of junk and can't shop for a lot to take back with her. We've knitted and visited and toted kids around to various things. She was here to watch Robert get all gussied up for his first date and, of course, got to see K's dance class, and B's karate class. Her visit has sped by she'll be back at my house Sunday night then she's heading home.

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